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When we learned of the implausible but very real heritage of Garrard County, Kentucky, we knew we had found a home. Seated in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, Garrard County, which remains a dry county to this day, is the home of Carry A. Nation, a pro-prohibition pioneer and women’s rights leader. We salute you Carry, as we sip this liquid in your honor on the ground where you took your first steps. You’re always welcome here.

Nov 25th, 1846
Carrie Nation is born

The infamous Carrie Nation was born Carrie Amelia Moore in November 25, 1846 in Garrard County, Kentucky.

Moving To The Midwest

Moves to Belton, Missouri in 1854 at the age of 8 after her family experienced several financial setbacks. We don't know much about her early years.

Civil War Years

In 1863, the family is ordered by Union soldier to vacate their farm in Belton and they move to Kansas City, Missouri. Carrie nurses wounded soldiers in Independence, MO and they eventually move back to their farm in Belton.

Nov 21, 1867
Carrie Meets Charles
Charles Gloyd

In 1865, Carrie meets Charles Gloyd, a young physician who was a Union soldier and a severe alcoholic. They married on November 21, 1867 although her parents objected to the union, and by 1869, shortly before the birth of their first child, Gloyd died from alcoholism.

A Taste For Activism

After the death of her husband, Carrie develops an extremely passionate activism against alcohol and becomes a teacher, but soon after gets fired for teaching children unconventional pronunciations of words.

Second Marriage

In 1874, Cary gets married a 2nd time to a man named David A. Nation. They try to operate a TX farm together unsuccessfully before moving to Richmond, TX to get into the hotel business.

Moving To Kansas
kansas home - carry nation

David Nation becomes involved in the Jaybird–Woodpecker War. As a result, they were forced to move back north to Medicine Lodge, Kansas, in 1889.

Preacher's Wife

Nation's husband becomes a preacher and Nation becomes increasingly religious and organizes a local chapter of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.

June 5, 1900
Visions From God
carry nations bible


By 1900, Carrie becomes increasingly fervent in her belief that alcohol is the root cause of destruction in the American home. On June 5, 1900 - Carrie awakens from a dream which she interpreted as a call from God, exclaiming, “Go to Kiowa. I’ll stand by you. Take something in your hands, and throw at these places in Kiowa and smash them."  

June 7, 1900
"Men, I have come to save you from a drunkard's fate!"
Get the Smashers!
smashing saloon sketch

June 7, 1900 - Responding to the revelation, Carrie grabs several rocks which she called ‘smashers’ and headed straight to Dobson’s Saloon for the first of what would be many assaults. "Men, I have come to save you from a drunkard's fate!" She proceeds to destroy to more saloons that day and that very next day, a tornado hits Eastern Kansas which Carrie again interprets as a divine sign from God that she’s doing God’s work.

"Bulldog running along the feet of Jesus"
carry praying

Carrie’s methods escalated quickly from more modest protests to verbal assaults on bartenders and the establishments. She described herself as "a bulldog running along at the feet of Jesus, barking at what He doesn't like", and claimed a divine ordination to promote temperance by destroying bars.

Here Comes The Hatchet!

Carrie’s vandalism evolves from rocks to hatchets as she continues her path of destruction through Kansas. Why a hatchet? It is said that using a hatchet was suggested by her husband to which she replied, "That is the most sensible thing you have said since I married you.”

April 1901
Target Kansas City

April 1901 - Kansas City becomes Nation’s new target. A city known for it’s opposition to temperance, she got to work smashing liquor barrels and bottles all along 12th Street in downtown KC.

We Come Bearing Hatchetations
Carrie - Hatchet

Alone or accompanied by hymn-singing women, Nation would march into a bar and sing and pray while smashing bar fixtures and stock with a hatchet. Between 1900 and 1910, she was arrested some 30 times for "hatchetations,” as she came to call them. Nation paid her jail fines from lecture-tour fees and sales of souvenir hatchets.[17] The souvenirs were provided by a Topeka, Kansas pharmacist. Engraved on the handle of the hatchet, the pin reads, "Death to Rum."[18]

Arrests and Fines
Carry praying in jail

Nation was arrested, taken to court, and fined $500 (about $15,000 in 2017 dollars), although the judge suspended the fine under the condition that Nation never return to Kansas City. Nation was arrested over 32 times—one report is that she was placed in the Washington DC poorhouse for three days for refusing to pay a $35 fine.

All Nations Welcome But Carrie
All Nations Welcome Except Carrie

Nation's anti-alcohol activities quickly become widely known, with the slogan "All Nations Welcome But Carrie" becoming a bar-room staple. By now, she has hundreds of followers and publishes two pieces aptly named, ‘The Smasher's Mail’, a biweekly newsletter, and ‘The Hatchet’, a newspaper.

Carrie to Carry

In 1903 Carrie Nation officially changed her name to “Carry,” saying it meant “Carry A Nation for Prohibition.”

The Gospel of Prohibition
carry nation pin

1903 - 1911 Carrie continues her crusade across America preaching the gospel of prohibition. She sold these pins to help fund her crusade.

June 2, 1911
Carry's mission comes to an end

Exhausted and ill, Carry Nation retired to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and bought a house large enough for her and several women who had lost their homes because of alcoholic husbands. She collapsed while giving a lecture in Eureka Springs in January 1911 and died on June 2, 1911, at the age of 64. She is buried beside her mother in Belton, Missouri.


We break ground at Southern Soul Distillery - Home of All Nations Premium Whiskey. 

May 14, 2020
Garrard County Showing Us Love!

President Matt Shirah and Vice President Ray Franklin receive a warm welcome from Mayor Marshall Norton and Garrard Judge Executive John Wilson in the Garrard Central Record Newspaper. 

June 2020
All Nations Buys & Relocates Carry Nation's home
Carry Nations birth sign

The original home Carry Nations to be relocated to Southern Soul Distillery - home of All Nations Premium Whiskey. 

APRIL 24, 2021
All Nations Bourbon Takes Home GOLD x 2!

All Nations Whiskey makes their debut at San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Our 6 Yr Straight Bourbon takes home DOUBLE GOLD and our Prohibition Reserve takes home silver and we're just getting started.